About Arcadia SFX

With facilities conveniently located just west of London’s heartland, close to Pinewood and Shepperton Studios,

Arcadia SFX Ltd has been providing physical, pyrotechnic and model effects solutions for nearly 40 years.


What We Do

Film and tv productions, commercials, pop videos and more, using the very best state-of-the-art equipment, from a single smoke machine to complex specialty set-builds and action props, miniatures to overscale models.


ArcadiaSFX has years of extensive experience, providing the very highest level of professional effects to the film and tv industry…

Including all types of physical and pyrotechnic effects for feature films, short films, television shows, commercials, live events, pop videos.

Specialties: Pyrotechnics, mechanical engineering, atmospherics, miniatures, set builds and total art department solutions.


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Alex Gunn is the best in the business.
Time and time again he has arranged fantastic sfx for my movies which have elevated the action tremendously. Super professional and extremely safe. It’s always a pleasure when I get to have Alex on the team!
Scott Adkins

(star of Expendables 2, Eliminators & Hard Target 2, star & producer Accident Man)

Say, someone would parachute you with a rag-tag platoon of mercenaries behind enemy lines straight into an active war zone. You would want Alexander M Gun to be at your side. Not because he would take the bullet for you… he probably would not. Instead, he is that gruff, cigar chomping cliché of a Master Sarge with a heart of gold.

There is a guy like him in just about every war movie. You know, the kind of guy who is never afraid to speak his mind when you need to hear the awful truth. Who kicks your sorry ass when you are ready to surrender… the kind of quy who makes sure that everyone gets a fighting chance and gets through the day safe and sound. That’s Sgt. Gunn.

Sounds like an exaggeration? Just look at his work… so show some f*!*ing respect, you goddamn pansies.

Marcus Nispel Director (Conan)
Marcus Nispel

Alex is a leader in the field of Film/TV special effects providing all types of effects. I have worked with him for many years extinguishing pyrotechnic fires and providing pumped water for rain and street wet downs. It has been a pleasure to work with him in the safe environment that is created by his working practices. I look forward to working with him again in the near future.

Peter Edwards Managing Director Fire Safety At 1st Defense Fire & Rescue Services Limited
Peter Edwards

I have worked closely with Alex on some major film productions designing and building some very demanding Special Effects, he has a very positive attitude coupled with real technical ability.

Stephen Lamonby PLUSFILM LTD
Stephen Lamonby

Its been my pleasure to work with Arcadia SFX on several productions,
both in the UK and abroad.

Alex Gunn brings a rare level of enthusiasm to his work, combined with a wealth of experience and filmmaking knowledge, to realise directors’ and stunt coordinators’ visions.

Very much team players, Alex and his crew go the extra mile to support different departments. This is something I’ve witnessed first hand, and been grateful for on many occasions.

Jude Poyer Stunt Coordinator & 2nd Unit Director
Jude Poyer

I have known and worked with Alex Gunn and Arcadia SFX personally for over 7 Years, we have collaborated on many projects together. I always aim to work with him and his team not only because of their outstanding services and but because of their professionalism, can-do-attitude and all-round friendly demeanour.

Alex’s love for what he does is infectious. He always brings 100% to everything he commits to and will bend over backwards to find a solution to a problem.

Despite the tricky nature of SFX, he and Arcadia will work out cost effective ways to bring the biggest bang for your buck, working with producers and creatives in tandem
It’s been a pleasure to go into literal battle with Alex and look forward to many more adventures together.

Ben Jacques Head of UK Production, Signature Entertainment
Ben Jacques


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