End of Term Report

2015 was a non-stop year for us – from chasing down that elusive Patient Zero, to the mean streets of the capital, avoiding assassins at every turn… and again with the “Eliminators”, not only the second outing with Maniac Fiction, but the first of two stints with Scott Adkins in the lead role.

In between laying waste to a wedding party in the Dales and a grim story that resonates all to clearly in “Romans”, we were aboard the long-awaited reboot of “Hard Target”. With Scott as the anti-hero, and our third shout with Dutch director Roel Reine, “Hard Target 2” will out-gun and out-explode it’s predecessor!

And speaking of things Dutch, let’s not forget our teen killer thriller “SneekWeek” in theatres there now.


Look out for the new showreel coming soon, being cut as we speak by the most excellent Jonathan Glendening.

2016 has already kicked off with more vehicular destruction coming to the Dales, 4G will come to Cameroon courtesy of Velocity Films and The Annex and – well, any more would be telling…