Real time physical and pyrotechnic special effects for
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Alex Gunn – Special Effects Supervisor

Feature Films (1998-2021)

Title Director Production Company Credit
You Should Have Left David Koepp Blumhouse Productions Supervisor
The King David Michod Assigned Prods Ltd/Netflix Supervisor
Malificent 2 Joachim Ronning Walt Disney Productions Senior Pyrotechnician
Wonder Woman 1984 Patty Jenkins Warner Bros Senior Pyrotechnician
A Private War Matthew Heineman Acacia Filmed Ent/Netflix Supervisor
Holmes & Watson Etan Cohen Columbia Pictures Pyrotechnics Supervisor
Obey Jamie Jones Beyond Fiction/Harvest Pictures Supervisor
Marine 6: Close Quarters James Nunn Fiction Films GB Supervisor
Accident Man Jesse V Johnson A M Productions Ltd Supervisor
iBoy Adam Randall Crow Ventures Ltd Supervisor
Hard Target 2 Roel Reine NBCUniversal Supervisor
Sandcastle Fernando Coimbra Mark Gordon Company Co-ordinator
Eliminators James Nunn WWE Studios Supervisor/Armourer
Patient Zero Stefan Ruzowitski Sony Screengems Co-Supervisor
London Heist Mark McQueen Impact Entertainment Supervisor/Armourer
The Admiral aka Michiel de Ruyter Roel Reiné Farmhouse Films NL Supervisor
The Man with the Iron Fists 2 Roel Reiné NBCUniversal Supervisor
The Devil’s Harvest George Mendeluk DH Productions Inc Supervisor (UK)
Far from the Madding Crowd Thomas Vinterberg DNA Films Supervisor (Leavesden)
Gemma Bovery Anne Fontaine Albertine Productions Supervisor (UK)
Assassin J K Amalou Richwater Films Supervisor/Armourer
Malificent Robert Stromberg Walt Disney Productions Senior Technician
Keeping Rosy Steve Reeves Air Productions Supervisor
The Fifth Estate Bill Condon Dreamworks SKG Floor Supervisor (Kenya)
The Expendables 2 Simon West Millennium Films Supervisor
World War Z Marc Forster High Command/Plan B 2nd Unit Floor Supervisor
Kick Ass Matthew Vaughan Marv Films Senior Technician
Prometheus Ridley Scott 20th Century Fox Senior Technician
Truth or Dare Robert Heath Corona Pictures Supervisor
Deviation J K Amalou Brave Soldier Films Supervisor
Hard Boiled Sweets David Hughes Brave Soldier Films Supervisor
Mercenaries Paris Leonti ABC Films Supervisor
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen Lasse Hallstrom Kudos Pictures/BBC Films Supervisor
Conan Marcus Nispel Millenium Films Supervisor
Cleanskin Hadi Hajaig UK Film Studios SFX Consultant
The Expendables Sylvester Stallone Millennium Films 1st Unit Floor Supervisor
Robin Hood Ridley Scott Universal Pictures Senior Pyrotechnician
13 Hours Jon Glendening Feature Productions (UK) Supervisor
From Time to Time Julian Fellowes Ealing Studios Supervisor
Ninja Assassin James Morgue Warner Bros Stunt Pyro Supervisor
Greenzone Paul Greengrass Warner Bros 1st Unit Floor Supervisor
Valkyrie Bryan Singer United Artists Pyrotechnics Supervisor
Rambo Sylvester Stallone Millenium Films Supervisor
Tales of the Riverbank John Henderson Henderson Films Pyrotechnics Supervisor
Stardust Matthew Vaughan De Bonaventura 2nd Unit Floor Supervisor
Munich Steven Spielberg Dreamworks Floor Supervisor
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Tim Burton Warner Bros 1st Unit Floor Supervisor
Troy Wolfgang Peterson Warner Bros 2nd Unit Supervisor
Phantom of the Opera Joel Schumacher Warner Bros 2nd Unit Floor Supervisor
Hidalgo Joe Johnston Touchstone Senior Technician
Bad Company Joel Schumacher Touchstone 1st Unit Floor Supervisor
Command Approved Graham Moore Royal Navy Resources/BBC Senior Pyrotechnician
Nasty Neighbours Debbie Isitt Ipso Facto Supervisor
Lighthouse Simon Hunter Winchester Films 1st Unit Floor Supervisor
Lost in Space Stephen Hopkins New Line Cinema 1st Unit Floor Supervisor
Cousin Bette Des McAnuff Fox Searchlight Senior Technician
Judge Dredd Danny Cannon Cinergi Pictures Technician
tv-award-deco2016 tv-award-deco

Emmerdale – WINNER of “Best Soap of the Year” British Soap Awards 2016

Emmerdale – 41st Anniversary Show – “The Woolpack Flood & Siege” WINNER of “Spectacular scene of the Year” British Soap Awards 2014

Television Productions (1984-2022)

Title Director Production Company Credit
Gangs of London - Season 2 Various Directors Pulse/Sky/Atlantic/HBO Supervisor
Foundation - Season 1 Various Directors Apple TV Supervisor
Gangs of London - Season 1 Gareth Evans Pulse/Sky/Atlantic/HBO Supervisor
Surviving Christmas James Dearden Studio Soho Supervisor
Tremors VII - Island Fury Don Michael Paul NBC Universal Supervisor
Emmerdale - Super Soap Week 2017 Tony Prescott ITV plc Supervisor
No Offence - Series 2 Catherine Morshead Channel 4 Supervisor
Emmerdale - Mill fire & explosion 2016 Neil Alderton ITV plc Supervisor
Emmerdale - Scaffolding collapse 2016 Tim Dowd ITV plc Supervisor
Coronation Street exploding beer bottle Gill Wilkinson ITV plc Supervisor
Emmerdale - Summer Spectacular 2015 Duncan Foster ITV plc Supervisor
Midwinter of the Spirit Richard Clarke ITV plc Supervisor
Emmerdale - 2013 Xmas Special Tim o'Mara ITV plc Supervisor
Emmerdale - 41st Anniv. “The Siege” Duncan Foster ITV plc Supervisor
Inside No 9 - Series 1 David Kerr BBC TV Supervisor/Armourer
My Mad Fat Diary - Series 2 Luke Snellin Tiger Aspect Pyrotechnics Supervisor
Olly Murs - SU2C stunt spoof Adam Wimpenny Channel 4 Supervisor
The Hunger - TV Series Tony & Ridley Scott Nightnote Films Supervisor
Hogfather - TV Miniseries Vadim Jean BSicyB TV 1st Unit Floor Supervisor
Zeebrugge Documentary Mike Valentine BBC TV Senior Technician
Breaking Point Various Directors BBC TV Pyrotechnics Supervisor
Rocketman Various Directors BBC TV Senior Technician
Liaisons Dangereuse Jose Dayan JLA Productions Senior Technician
Copenhagen Howard Davis BBC TV 1st Unit Floor Supervisor
Dinotopia - TV films 1 & 2 Marko Brambilla Hallmark 1st Unit Floor Supervisor
Band of Brothers Various Directors HBO Senior Pyrotechnician
Number One Asahi Mio Nippon TV Pyrotechnics Supervisor
Longitude Charles Sturridge A & E Entertainment Senior Technician
Goodnight Sweetheart Various Directors BBC TV Pyrotechnics Supervisor
New Professionals Various Directors BSky5 TV Senior Pyrotedinician
London's Burning Various Directors ITV/Thames Pyrotechnician

Short Films (2012-20)

Title Director Production Company Credit
The Flood Anthony Woodley Flood Films Ltd Supervisor
The Riot Act Oliver Riley-Smith Flat Cap Films Supervisor
The Last Man Gavin Rothery Independent Film Supervisor
Shackled Nour Wazzi Panacea Productions Supervisor
The Body Paul Davis Ten Cent Adventures Ltd Pyrotechnician
Washed Up Martin Stirling Ten Cent Adventures Ltd Supervisor
Notes on Blindness Pete Middleton The Lab Supervisor
Holy Night Duncan Roe Seven Hill Pictures Pyrotechnics Supervisor
Eternal Return Victoria Keon-Cohen Panacea productions Supervisor

Pop Videos (2012-20)

Title Director Production Company Credit
The 1975 “Change of Heart” Tim Mattia Polydor Records Supervisor
Powell “Sylvester Stallone” Trevor Jackson XL Recordings Pyrotechnics Supervisor
John Newman “Out of my head” Luc Janin Pulse Films Ltd Pyrotechnics Supervisor
Plan B “Playing with Fire” Paul Fraser Pulse Films Ltd Supervisor
Melody’s Echo Chamber Zaiba Jabbar Partizan Pyrotechnics Supervisor
Madeon Tim Brown Rokkit TV Supervisor
Vince Kidd “Sick Love” Tim Brown Rokkit TV Supervisor
Summertime Blues Garth Jennings Burning Bright Productions Pyrotechnics Supervisor
Vengeance Rhythm Chris Ullens Ninja Tune Pyrotechnics Supervisor
Psychobitches Chris Balmond BskyB TV Pyrotechnics Supervisor

Commercials (2012-20)

Title Director Production Company Credit
See you again Chung Shu Kai Annex Films Supervisor
McBess Ed Rosie Wacom Worldwide Pyrotechnics Supervisor
O2 Blue Room Pete Gibbons Formidable HQ Supervisor
Lancombe Mary Clerte Partizan Films Supervisor
4G Cameroon Launch Adrian de sa Garces Annex/Velocity Films Supervisor
Co-Op Bank Tony Kaye Balagan Productions Supervisor
Snickers Ninian Doff Pulse Films Ltd Supervisor
Need for Speed Stuart Aitken EA Games Supervisor
Littlewoods 2014 Michael Gracey Partizan Films Supervisor
Misfits Alex Metheison Channel 4 Supervisor
Littlewoods 2012 Michael Gracey Partizan Films Supervisor
Harrods Skyfall promo Rankin Harrods Supervisor
Guinness internet viral Michael Sugarman Holster Studios Supervisor
Beko Patrick Killingbeck Rokkit TV Supervisor
Cash Converters Mark Jackson London Creative Company Supervisor
Iceland Andy Morahan Great Guns Supervisor
Orange Israel Uri Shizer Gustavo Productions Supervisor/Props
Dove Barney Cokeliss RSA Supervisor
Fridgeraiders viral Kit Lynch-Robinson Marmalade Pyrotechnics Supervisor
Co-Op Bank Tony Kaye Balagan Productions Supervisor
Mobil Oils 182cm Challenge James Bryce RSA Films Supervisor


Organisation Title Category Award
Emmerdale Series Winner: NTA Top UK Soap of the Year 2017 (Barn explosion) National Television Awards
Emmerdale Series Winner: Most dramatic soap scene in 20 years (M-way pile-up) National Television Awards
Emmerdale Series Winner: NTA Top UK Soap of the Year 2016 (M-way pile-up) National Television Awards
Emmerdale Series Winner: Most spectacular scene in a soap Evening Standard 2013
TV Soap Awards Emmerdale “The Siege” Winner: Spectacular Scene of the Year British Soap Awards 2014
C4 documentary trail Iraq: The Bloody Circus Winner: Best TV Trail TV Trail Awards 2006
BSkyB TV Digital TV launch Winner: Best SFX TV Commercial Arts & Crafts Awards 1999
Deutches Telefon Gmbh Skype German TV Ad Winner: Best SFX Italian Commercial Craft Awards 1996
Honeywell Bull Paper Invasion Winner: Best TV Commercial TV Arts & Crafts Awards 1988

Arcadia SFX Ltd


Registered offices in London – Company Number 6705738

Approved by the Metropolitan Police for the supply of RIF – Realistic Imitation Firearms

Member IM2202 Institute of Explosive Engineers

Licenced in UK to Acquire Explosives

ITV Approved Contractor Number – 7113254

1st Option Health & Safety Approved Contractor

Member 4625 Visual Effects Society

IPAF Registered

VAT registration number – 687 9783 42

SHOWREEL LINK: https://vimeo.com/703379654
Imdb: https://pro.imdb.com/name/nm0348149

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